Expresso Modules
Expresso Modules Strong, flavored, short, instant…. Do these words come to your mind when you think of a Cuppa Expresso?

We bring the very experience of an Expresso into your learning process through our Expresso Short Learning Modules.

Feel refreshed, recharged with a new learning that one can apply immediately.

What are Expresso Short Learning Modules?
If you aspire to develop a new skill that fits into your schedule, without spending long hours in a training program, our Express Short Modules might just work for you.

Strongly focused on the program outcome, flavored with fun and innovative training methods, these programs are short shots! They come with specific learning effect that you can instantly put to use.

Our Expresso Short Learning Modules are intensive courses that require minimum investment of time and give you the benefits of a full day program to enhance your skills so that you can Create Possibilities to further your personal development.

Our Expresso Short Learning Programs are designed on the following themes:
Popular Leadership & Management Books Based Themes
Movie Based Themes Movies – We have always had a strong influence of Movies on us. To a great extent they have shaped our thoughts and behaviors. Why not bring in the rich movie experiences into our learning curriculum.

We have Indian, Regional and International movies theme based Expresso Modules with various themes on leadership, team work, Visioning, Inspiration, Motivation, Creativity, performance etc.
Popular Leadership & Management Books Based Themes
Popular Leadership & Management Books Based Themes We all have many books that we would have read, or we have been recommended to read. Globally popular books on Self–development, Skill Development, Personal effectiveness have been hand-picked by us and made into Expresso Short Modules for you to get the essence of it in 2 to 4 hours.
Mythology inspired Corporate Programs
Mythology inspired Corporate Programs Panchatantra, Jataka, Akbar Birbal, Chanakya, Epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata and many other moral stories has always been a part of our childhood. They still offer wonderful insights and learnings that can be applied in life in general and at work place.

Here in these modules we explore though the rich repertoire of our cultural heritage, how we can apply the age old timeless principles in our day to day life.
Who can attend it?
We encourage students, job aspirants, working professionals, home managers and all those who can dedicate 2-4 hours a day, to attend these programs and use their time wisely to learn a new skill in life.